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Creating value for the territory by means of work

Paterno Group has always promoted its ties with the territory and its willingness to create an economic and social impact, in order to be able to generate wealth for the community in which the family took the first steps.

That is why the group has never wanted to leave its land of origin, despite its growth and the diversification of its areas of activity: every company belonging to the group was founded and has developed in the Trentino region.

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Responsibility towards the future

Over the last decades, Paterno Group has adopted and maintained an approach of growing awareness and care towards the environment, people, and communities, accepting the challenge of responsibility.

This path aims at integrating the principles of sustainability into the group’s business strategy, in order to be able to produce a positive impact not only from a business-oriented perspective but also in a social and environmental sense, with particular attention to the territory.

Moreover, by providing transparent and reliable information about all the actions taken by its companies in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) field, the group works towards promoting and spreading a culture of sustainability throughout its entire network of stakeholders.

Our model of sustainability

To define the model of sustainability to be pursued, the group identified 5 areas and, within each of them, specific goals to be achieved in order to constantly improve its sustainability rating.

CUSTOMERS: transparency, customer loyalty, and awareness raising, by means of initiatives in the ESG field.

ENVIRONMENT: reduction of consumption, lowering of the emissions produced, and responsible management of natural resources, reducing waste and adopting a circular perspective.

PRODUCTS AND SUPPLIERS: creation and sale of ESG-efficient products and services, and development of a responsible supply chain.

SOCIAL COMMITMENT: protection and development of people while respecting diversity along the entire value chain.

GOVERNANCE: ethical, responsible and transparent governance system that contributes to the creation of shared value.

For each one of these pillars, Paterno Group has selected the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda which it is going to pursue, committing itself to achieving 13 of the 17 goals identified and promoted by the UN.

To reinforce its commitment, in 2022 Paterno Group wrote its first sustainability report, defining in detail its values, philosophy, and the goals to be achieved.